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Will nourish and protect

A nourishing blend of avocado, thistle and shea butter oil with vitamin E, Gorgeous Body Lotion is also packed full of soothing aloe vera.

The ingredients are known to moisturise, protect and heal, and they are especially beneficial to dry and damaged skin.

Our lotion comes in two scents:

• A relaxing blend of lavender, lime, ylang ylang and clary sage

• A refreshing blend of pineapple, lemongrass and benzoin.

(250ml, 17.95: 100ml, 8.95)

Brilliant blends for body and
Body Lotion
Vitamin cream

Specially blended to heal and soothe

Specially blended for extremely dry and cracked skins, our vitamin cream has a healing blend of kukui and shea butter along with thistle and borage oils, vitamins A and E, and arctic oak extract.

Aloe vera soothes itchy, sore skins and a few drops of soothing lavender oil give this cream a delicate scent.

(100ml, 12.95)

Bubble bath

Relax or be uplifted. The choice is yours.

A SLS* free bubble bath containing essential oils to help you relax or be uplifted.

• Relaxing – contains lavender, clary sage, jasmine, sandalwood, vertiver and sweet marjoram.

• Uplifting – contains bergamot, mandarin, cedarwood, ylang ylang, clary sage, rose geranium and sweet marjoram.

(250ml, 9.95: 50ml, 4.95)

*Sodium Lauryl Sulphate – a chemical agent used in many commercial soaps, shampoos, face and body washes.

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Design & Content: Stewart McRobert