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Moisturisers to soften and soothe

Light for oilier skins

Packed full of wonderful organic ingredients specially chosen for oilier skins:

• calendula • hemp seed oil • rosehip

• thistle oil • comfrey extract

Gorgeous Potion No.1 is blended to gently moisturise while reducing sebum production and pore size.

A light moisturiser containing ingredients known to help alleviate wrinkling and promote healthy skin.

(50ml 11.95)


Balancing for normal/combination skins

With ingredients chosen to balance an oilier T- zone while nourishing dry and dull patches of skin. Containing organic oils, including:

• evening primrose oil • thistle and rosehip oil • avocado oil

This potion is easily absorbed, making skin softer and clearer. Its ingredients help reduce blemishes and redness and a high level of palmitoleic acid makes it excellent for tired, dull or mature skin.

Available in a choice of subtle scents – gentle floral or refreshing citrus.

(50ml 11.95)

 Potion No. 2

Rejuvenating for sensitive skins

Light, but rich in active ingredients to reduce fine lines and plump up the skin. Potion No 4's delicate mix of organic oils includes:

• evening primrose oil • macadamia • avocado • rosehip oil

Its ingredients can help hydrate skin, repair cells, reduce redness and lift tired, dull skin.

Potion No. 4 contains a vegetable sourced hyaluronic acid (popularly called “The Fountain of Youth), spilanthes acmella flower extract, yeast extract and vitamins A and E.

Available in two subtle scents – a floral note with rose de mai, frangipani and frankincense, or a citrus note with mandarin, neroli, cedarwood and jasmine.

(50ml 14.95)

Luxurious for dry/sensitive skins

Bursting with vitamin E, cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, macadamia, evening primrose oil and rosehip oil.

Luxurious, rejuvenating and protecting, the ingredients in Potion No. 3 promote cell and tissue regeneration. They help soothe fine wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth.

Rapidly absorbed, ingredients such as rosehip oil give elasticity and can help diminish the signs of aging.

(50ml 11.95)

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Design & Content: Stewart McRobert