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Therapies and expert consultants to help you feel fitter, healthier and happier.

Enjoy one of the regular sessions at our room in Hamilton Place.

Contact us now on: 0131 332 2089


Aid and stimulate your body's defence and immune processes with all natural


Consultants: Rachel Swanney, Sheila Skelly



Essential oils raise your spirit and enhance your well-being.

Consultant: Claire Hay, Sharon Rossi


Massage Therapy + Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy*

A wonderful way to help bring your body back in to balance.

Consultants: Claire Hay Sharon Rossi,


Beauty Treatment

A range of tried and tested treatments to help you look and feel on top of the world.

Consultants: Lynda Hawkes, Dionne Devlin, Doni K


Thalgo Marine Treatment

A unique range of treatments that includes facials, lava shell massage,

aromatherapy massage and reflexology.

Consultant: Lynda Hawkes


Nail treatment

Basic, essental and luxury spa manicures.

Consultant: Irena Webster

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Feeling Gorgeous
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Personal & Life coaching

Learn how to bring out your best and realise your true potential.

Consultant: Anna Bell



A holisitc therapy with a positive effect on your emotions, feelings and well-being.

Consultant: Nicola Van Dyke



Expert footcare to help you stand tall again.

Consultant: Victoria Shortt



Tackle anxieties and achieve peace of mind, tranquility and self-confidence.

Consultants: Annd Bell, Sharon Rossi


Metatronia Therapy & Bach Flower Remedies

Restores spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Consultant: Maria Doherty


LaStone Therapy

The application of Geo-Thermal Therapy through the use of deep penetrating heated stones alternated with chilled stones.

Consultants: Sharon Rossi

Tel: 0131 332 2089

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